Feel insecure? Go to Europe

Oh Europe, what a magical place. And the most majestic part of it all? The men. Oh yes, I’m sure some girls who hate being flirted with would disagree, but let’s put it all behind us and admit that attention from a guy every now and then isn’t completely distasteful. Guys, don’t get ahead of yourselves and take my opinion of this the wrong way  – we’re talking about European men here, okay?

Honestly, my self-esteem was dwindling to the point of burning water when I went to Europe this time last year. There’s only so many times I can take my ass being groped in an Australian club while the stench of at least ten other peoples sweat is lining my skin. It’s gross, and yeah it probably happens in Europe too…but I might accept it there.

You see, there’s just something about that damn continent. Even thinking about this gets me excited for my trip in January when I could possibly be hearing the Scottish accent of Jamie Fraser whispering in my ear. I suppose the closest I’ll get is being over there and re-watching Outlander on Netflix, but let me continue with this realistic sense of European flirting.

The European men flirt like no other – and no we’re also not discussing the British boys version that are all ‘Oi lass, give us a snog’. No. No.

It started in France, Paris to be exact. After a wonderful day travelling the sights of historical beauty and filling my stomach with as many glorious croissants and macaroons as I could (shut up, I wasn’t a vegan yet), my companions and I fell across a beautiful little Parisian restaurant. The waiter was immediately on us, attending to our every need with our little knowledge of French (I think the only thing I learnt to say was: ‘Un croissant, sil vou plait’). His beautiful accent that was music to my ears. And I literally mean right next to my ear, because when we were leaving he beckoned me over and whispered ‘You are ver pretty’.

Strike One.

But that’s not the end of the European abilities to flirt. Need another example? Let me tell you – I have plenty to go around.

A few weeks later, after cramming my brain with as much knowledge about Pompeii as humanly possible, I followed my mum around this tourist market with a snack in hand. I mean, I was already pretty satisfied – I was in Italy and I was eating Gelato. But it got better. This glorious blonde beauty (and I don’t usually go for blondes) started insisting to my mother to look after me. Apparently, I was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen – he even went as far as calling me an angel. Okay, I’m totally a blusher, and I think I lied on my previous post when I asked what swooning was because I DEFINITELY swooned that day.

Strike Two.

Really? You’re not getting the point after I’ve already completely glamorised myself with my two prior examples of how flirtatious European men are? Okay…I guess I can share another wonderful memory with you…

After a long bus ride (I was on a bus tour when I was in Europe), where I spent hours pondering the idea of love and if I would ever feel it again *gag*, we took our pit stop in Germany at a cheese and clog factory. Look, okay…if the clog maker at this place gave me extra cheese, is it fair to say that he was flirting with me? Definitely. Especially when that cheese was so. Damn. Good. Stop judging me! We discussed this judgement thing earlier, and like I said – this was PRE-vegan! Why am I here when I could be making clogs and cheese with the clog maker? What a simple life I could be living.

So let’s debate that those things make up three beautiful strikes for Europe, and against Australian men. I mean…if an Australian guy pulled me aside and whispered in my ear that I am very pretty, it just wouldn’t have that affluent French accent. And if another Aussie guy called me an angel, I’d probably just laugh awkwardly (we can test my reaction if you really want too). And…well, do I really need to share my confusion over why there would be a clog and cheese maker man in Australia?

What I’m trying to tell you, is that Europe is just magic when it comes to self-esteem. Possibly because those European men are just so full of their own confidence and…well…they’re pretty attractive. I guess it’s also the idea that they know so little English and they spend their time learning these compliments to swirl you around with. So if you’re ever feeling like you need a little boost, just head on over. Don’t worry, they won’t bite. If anything, they’ll feed you almonds – that happened to me too.

Sorry to the guys, I’ve not got enough experience with European women to tell you how their flirting ways would be, but I have heard that they’re a bit more adventurous if you’re into that kinda thing?

P.S – It’s probably best to use this advice if you’re single…I’m not too sure how your boyfriend might take you being flirted with by European men.

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