Can you please not go vegan?

What a strange thing to say from a demanding vegan, I can practically pre-empt your thoughts as I write this. And okay, yeah a part of me struggles to type these words letters together. But it needs to be said, despite how supportive I am for people to jump on this cruelty-free wagon that seems to suddenly be going crazy. Or do I just see it that way because I’m a vegan and I’m part of the movement?

Whatever, if you’re not a vegan and you’re thinking of do it: please don’t. And if you are a vegan and you’re sitting here judging me with a handful of kale – then keep reading.

Please don’t go vegan…UNTIL YOU HAVE RESEARCHED THE NUTRIENTS YOU NEED. Did I get you all for a moment? Were you all like ‘what the fuck, vegans are great, what’s this bitch on?’ I hope so. But I have to say it: I have had ENOUGH of people hearing that I’m vegan and immediately replying with:

“Oh my gosh, yeah I totally tried that fad but got really sick/weak and went to the doctor and like, my protein levels were so low, and my iron levels were low.” (And then…wait for it) “Where do you get your protein?” STOP ASKING ME THIS QUESTION.

If you are considering alternating your lifestyle to a vegan one, in which case I applaud and love you, then please do not even CONSIDER changing your diet until you have researched enough about food and nutrition in order to be able to sustain your body.

So many people are moving to a plant based diet, and it’s amazing with so many benefits, I just want you to be sure you’re not doing it for the wrong reasons.

Let me tell you all a little story about my personal journey with my diet changes. When I went vegetarian four years ago, it was difficult. I spent a good month declaring I no longer ate meat, only to shove a McDonalds ‘McChicken’ burger down my throat two hours later (I disgust myself). After watching Earthlings, which I highly recommend, I swore off it. I haven’t eaten meat since then, apart from accidental moments or that time I tried to eat chicken again only to spit it out and vomit everywhere. But my health dwindled. I didn’t research anything. My meals were basically cheese toasted sandwiches because I honestly had no idea of what else there was to eat. I filled myself up on carbs, and spent so much time exhausted until I was sent to the doctor and forced to take iron injections – and let me tell you, those fuckers are painful.

Finally, due to my mothers franticness over my health, I started making myself meal plans and researching other ways to get these nutrients that I was no longer getting from meat. I started cooking more, and my energy replenished like nothing else. However, I should have researched it first to avoid all of this. If I had have actually ensured that I knew what to eat BEFORE I made this drastic life decision, then I would be able to argue with all of you about it. But it’s from my mistake and lack of judgement that I can write to you from experience.

Flash forward to three years later: I wanted to go vegan. But it was SO. HARD. Well, it seemed it. Looking at literally every label was exhausting, and like going vegetarian, I had to break the easy habits of my lifestyle. It wasn’t until I was in London and staying with my vegan cousin that I finally made the change. Yes, I made the change in a healthy way…but I have to admit it was for the wrong reasons.

Living with someone who was able to actually educate me daily on what to eat really helped with the nutrition side of it, but I’ll be brutally honest and tell you all that the reason I went vegan was to prevent myself from eating so much bad food because I was suffering from bulimic tendencies.

I literally cringe as I write this, however I will explain. After a major alteration to my life, I never felt full and so I would eat and eat until I finally did. After which I would feel guilty with the fear of gaining weight – so I would make myself sick. When I stayed with my cousin, I figured that eating vegan food meant that I didn’t have as much food available to eat and it would help the problem. I suppose in a way it did, but I wish that I could tell you all I initially went vegan for the animals, the environment and my own health like I continue to live now.

Please please please, as much as I applaud my friends and other associates whenever they consider going vegan or vegetarian, I don’t suggest you do it until you’re educated on how to better feed your body. Avoid the stereotypical sickness, people saying that going vegan isn’t ‘healthy’ and the possibility of you having to eat animals again. It’s better to wait the extra few weeks or even months and then change your lifestyle forever with the healthy benefits. They say that good things come to those who wait, and despite me being the first person to tell those fuckers to shove it and that I want things to happen right this second – damn my impatience – they’re right.

P.S – If you sit there all ‘anti-vegan’ about to chime in with your fact that there is no other way to get the B12 vitamin other than through eating animals or drinking eggs and milk, I’ll tell you that you’re wrong. Let your mind sit on that one. S for secret? Or ‘S’ for ‘Sem-



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