Let’s get personal

So here I am, heart and soul. You’ve been waiting for this moment, have you not? Even if you haven’t, I’m here to say it – I do love it when you play hard to get. We’re about to get physical (shit) personal, and not in a ‘let’s take our clothes off’ kinda way. After all, don’t all life problems start in the bedroom? I’m totally kidding, life isn’t a problem, it’s just made up of many.

I’m not here to fake some inspirational social media life full of incredible feasts, hot pics that look all ‘caught me off guard’, and incredible journeys to faraway places like all these other bloggers seem to have (I’m lying about the incredible journey part, I’ll admit my life so far has been a mother fucking BALL).

But I am here to tell you about the regretful moments, the embarrassing shit that’s so bad you think about it before you go to sleep, and those incredibly disastrous drunk nights when you shouldn’t have been given control of your phone. Okay, and maybe a few inspirational moments where we can cry and cringe together like that time I watched ‘Me Before You’. Here’s my insight, my awakened life made up of the nineteen disastrous years that I’ve lived so far. I’ve travelled, I’ve had the whole ‘who am I?’ moment and, of course, I’ve lived the heartbreak that seems oh-so-common in literally every female I’ve ever met. This shit’s gonna get DEEP.

So are you going to let me connect with you through our common love of coffee, regretful shopping addiction and life aspirations that seem so out of reach that we’re like a five-year old climbing to the cookie jar? No? Even if we don’t have those things in common, just shut up and read – I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

They say a picture says a thousand words, but in todays day and age, those pictures are full of shit.

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